State Agencies Are Operating But Watching Spending Closely With Temporary Budget

Jul 8, 2019

The state is entering week two of operations under a temporary budget plan after the Ohio House and Senate failed to reach a deal before the end of the fiscal year. Lawmakers said most Ohioans will continue business as usual, but state agencies have been directed to keep a close watch on their spending. 

The 17-day budget extension funded departments at last fiscal year’s levels. Budget Director Kimberly Murnieks said that means state agencies have had to put any new projects, programs, and hires on hold.  

“We have asked them to look at each of their spending decisions in light of the fact that we are in this interim budget period to ensure that we are operating, but we are being conservative in our operations and not beginning anything new,” she said.

Leaders from the Ohio House and Senate have been holding meetings in hopes of reaching a two-year budget deal by July 17.