"Stand Your Ground" Bill Starts Moving Through Ohio Senate

Dec 3, 2018

A controversial bill that would make it easier for someone to shoot and kill someone in self-defense is one step closer to becoming law. The so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill is starting to move through the Senate.

The bill would remove the “duty to retreat” in cases where someone feels threatened. Opponents fear it would make it easier for people to be cleared of wrongdoing in gun deaths.

Republican Sen. Bill Coley of the Cincinnati area said when someone is facing a threatening situation, they don’t have time to think through the legal implications.

“People are going to continue to utilize techniques to de-escalate a potentially violent situation but it’ll stop the second guessing in a court room later,” he said.

Opponents say this bill will have an especially negative impact on black men who already have a higher gun death rate compared to other races.