Speeches Flowing on Cleveland's Public Square During RNC

Jul 19, 2016

The group Vets VS Hate was one of the speakers on Public Square today.

Cleveland’s redesigned Public Square is serving as a focal point for speeches during this week’s Republican National Convention. A stage on the venue’s south side has been hosting a variety of speakers addressing issues ranging from abortion and immigration to, of course, the presidential candidates. One of today’s speakers was Perry O’Brian, an Afghanistan war veteran who is head of “Vets Versus Hate.”  O ‘Brian accuses presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump of using veterans for political gain.

“When he continued to exploit the grief of families who have lost loved ones overseas which we feel like is absolutely disgusting. Particularly given Trump’s own shameful history towards veterans, at least until he decided he wanted to become commander in chief, virtually no interest in veterans, people serving in the military or their families.”  

Earlier this month Trump announced a ten-point plan he says will help veterans by improving access to health care and other services by reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs.   

Others speakers today included the Westboro Baptist Church. The controversial hate group sparked tensions with opposing groups which led to some heated exchanges.