Some Cuyahoga County Council Members Want to Delay the Vote On Renovating The Q

Mar 12, 2017

Cuyahoga County Council is to vote tomorrow afternoon on whether to advance the plan to sell $140 million worth of bonds to renovate Quicken Loans Arena. Three of the 11 council members, however, say the vote should be delayed.

Jack Schron, Yvonne Conwell and Dale Miller all told a meeting of the Greater Cleveland Congregations on Thursday that they would work to delay the deal. The coalition of churches has been vocal in its opposition to using public money for The Q. Miller says they would certainly want to do it in a perfect world, but right now there are too many questions that can’t all be addressed by tomorrow’s meeting.

"We’ve had relatively little discussion about the design of the project itself. Is $140 million the right number? Or could we do the essentials for less than that? That really hasn't been explored very much.

"I think there's nothing cast in concrete about the construction schedule. And if it takes a little more time to do it right, well then that would be good with me."

Miller adds that it might be a better idea to keep the money for the county’s general fund until the impact of the state budget is known by the end of June.