Smucker CFO Tells UA Students Ability to Analyze Data Is Essential in Today's Business World

Feb 10, 2019

The man who runs Smucker’s finances told a group of students at the University of Akron over the weekend that numbers are not just for balance sheets anymore. Data is driving a lot of decisions.

Mark Belgya graduated from Akron in 1982, joined Smucker’s in 1985 and became the company’s CFO in 2005.  In that time, the company’s main product line has expanded from jams and jellies to pet food and coffee.  And he says they use data analytics to decide how to manage all of those different brands.

“Whether you’re in finance or in marketing or in quality, it’s something that’s going to impact our work lives every day.  And I think the more that we can bring folks in with that skill set, we can take advantage of that.  And I think that does give you a market leadership.”

Belgya says the ability to manage and analyze data is a skill that’s crucial for both new hires and for people already in his industry.