Small Businesses Learn About Internet Crimes at Cyber Ohio Summit

Apr 2, 2017

Many large businesses have departments that deal with cybersecurity and data breaches on the internet, but smaller businesses often don’t have those resources. Those small operations are taking advantage of a program offered by the state. 

Craig Rapp is the director what’s known as Cyber Ohio. That’s the part of the state Attorney General’s office that deals with internet-related crime. Rapp says small businesses were invited to be part of a day-long event where experts in cyber security were able to provide information on how to prevent internet crime.

“Small (businesses) are used as an access point to get to larger businesses. So Target’s a great example of that. Home Depot is a great example of that, where those businesses were not targeted directly. But the vendors they use who are smaller businesses were targeted and then used to enter into the larger networks of those systems.”

Rapp says the AG’s office has ongoing help available for small businesses that want information on how to prevent cyber-crimes.