Skunkwerkz to Bring Virtual Reality and Stop Motion Animation to Akron

Aug 17, 2018

An Akron business owner thinks his company could be a leading force in the virtual reality industry. Eric Vaughn is the owner of the production studio Red Point Digital, which is launching Skunkwerkz that will specialize in VR and stop motion animation. Vaughn wants to use VR technology to keep people in Northeast Ohio and bring in talent from other states.

“By creating an entity that has a worldwide focus on where we think that we can make an impact, that’s naturally going to bring a lot of notoriety and jobs in the creative field, right here in Akron, Ohio. We’re very ambitious about this,” he said.

Vaughn worked as a producer in California before relocating to Akron. He’s partnering with a University of Akron visual design professor. Skunkwerkz also hopes to educate high school students about VR and provide opportunities for them to attend workshops at the studio.