Seven Charged in Gun-Running from Ohio to New Jersey

Feb 15, 2018

Law enforcement officials in New Jersey say a group of seven men bought guns in Ohio and drove them to Camden, where they sold them on the street.

As WHYY's Joe Hernandez reports, the defendants are facing racketeering charges.

The alleged leader of this ring was 25-year-old Chucky Scott of Columbus. Officials say he picked out guns in stores and online, had a friend buy them and then drove the guns to Camden where he had a handful of men would resell them.

Elie Honig leads New Jersey's Division of Criminal Justice.

"Those local Camden firearms traffickers would then find buyers, criminals, and mark up the prices, a tax they'd call it, and then keep that tax as their profit."

Officials say it's much easier to buy guns in Ohio than New Jersey, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Seventeen firearms were seized in the operation, including two AK-47s and an AR-15 assault rifle. Officials say the investigation is ongoing.