Senator Sherrod Brown Reintroduces Bill to Help Autoworkers, Consumers

Mar 6, 2019

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown thinks a bill he’s pushing could help automakers and consumers as well.

Brown said his reintroduced “American Cars, American Jobs Act” would give discounts to consumers purchasing American made cars, including electric cars. It also would revoke the provision in last year’s tax reform bill that gives automakers what Brown calls a coupon on overseas profits.

Brown has talked with President Donald Trump about it.

“I spoke to the president about it and he told me on the phone two weeks ago he liked the bill, then his staff called the next day and said he didn’t like the bill. So we keep pushing it, it makes total sense…,” Brown said.

Brown said the president was not aware the Lordstown plant was closing until Brown told him. Brown also said Trump continues to falsely claim jobs like those lost at Lordstown are coming back to Ohio.