Senate Finance Committee Sends Final Budget for Vote

Jun 20, 2019

With just over a week to go before the state’s two-year budget must be signed into law, the Senate will vote on its version today. Here are some of the last minute changes to that spending plan.

“With 13 yeas and zero nays, the bill is referred to Rules and Reference," said Chair Matt Dolan as he announced the Senate Finance committee’s unanimous approval.

Changes to the budget include $8 million to help parents avoid giving up custody to get their kids medical treatment, and $100 million for struggling pharmacies and new requirements on pharmacy benefits managers. The budget adds high school graduation requirements starting in 2023. And next year’s March presidential primary will be pushed ahead by a week.

But the Senate’s 8% income tax cut and its restoration of the $250,000 small-business tax deduction stay. Those are among the differences with the House budget that will be worked out in conference committee.