Sen. Sherrod Brown Takes "Dignity of Work" Tour to South Carolina

Mar 3, 2019

Sen. Sherrod Brown wrapped up his “Dignity of Work” tour over the weekend with several stops in South Carolina.

Valerie Royzman is editor of The Kent Stater, the student newspaper at Kent State University, and covered Brown’s visit to the state. South Carolina voted heavily for President Donald Trump in 2016. Royzman says despite that, Brown — who is a Democrat — connected well with people.

“One woman – it was in Florence – she really didn’t know a ton about Sherrod Brown. Because she’s from South Carolina, he’s from Ohio – they’re different worlds. But after listening to him, she just sees that he is a person of the people. He speaks to the regular American. That’s what appeals to so many, I think," said Royzman.

“He is willing to sit down at the breakfast table with a complete stranger and say, ‘What can be done for your life to be a little bit easier? What do Americans need right now?’ Probably a lot of other candidates just aren’t as likable in that way.”

Royzman adds that access to healthcare and raising the minimum wage were the main concerns people expressed to Brown. His tour has taken him to several early primary states, and he says he’ll announce by the end of this month whether he’ll run for president.