Sen. Sherrod Brown Begins Second Leg of 'Dignity of Work' Tour

Feb 9, 2019

Ohio’s Democratic U.S. Senator is kicking off the second leg of his tour of the early presidential primary states. Sherrod Brown is closer to making a decision about a possible run for the White House.

Sherrod Brown said, like in Ohio, there are many Iowa communities dealing with the challenges of bad trade deals and globalization.

And Brown said people are gravitating towards his “Dignity of Work” message.

“I think that people everywhere have recognized that their work has not been rewarded the way it used to be -- that they’re working harder than ever," he said.

In New Hampshire, he’ll hold forums on several topics, including paid family leave.

The RNC has dismissed Brown’s tour as a “phony pro-workers’ agenda” that requires him to spend less time on his Ohio constituents.

Brown plans to decide whether he wants to run for president by March.