Sen. Brown Says Some Republicans Are Worried About Economic Fallout From The Immigration Order

Feb 2, 2017

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown says some Republican colleagues are telling him they’re worried about the possible economic consequences of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees from anywhere and any traveler from seven Muslim-majority countries.  

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio

Brown says he thinks there are enough concerned Republicans that if they were to vote publicly like they talk privately, there would be no support for the ban. 

He says one driver of the concern is business-related.  The executive order demonstrates how abruptly travel can be restricted And he notes that domestic companies with overseas interests may move off-shore to avoid potential business disruptions.

“We will lose jobs. We will lose companies because of this decision. It’s a bad business decision.  Corporations like Proctor & Gamble have been very critical of this decision. I think you’ll see more companies doing that.”

Brown, who has been a vocal opponent of Trump's order, says he doesn’t believe it was well thought out before the president signed it.