Secretary of State Launches New Effort to Reach Last Chance Ohio Voters

Feb 11, 2019

For the first time, the Secretary of State will send voter registration forms to hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who are about to be removed from the voting rolls. 

Secretary of State Frank LaRose says it’s likely the 270,000 people who are getting those registration forms are either dead or have moved. They have already gotten final notices from boards of elections that they’re being taken off the rolls after six years of non-voting and not updating their addresses.

“This hopefully will be the last time that the old supplemental process was carried out.  What my office is trying to do is just create one more opportunity to register if they have been removed through that supplemental process.”

Addresses are being updated when voters renew their driver’s licenses and tags. LaRose says he’s working with lawmakers to come up with new ways to update the voter rolls with current addresses every time a voter does business with the state.