Report: Climate Change Could Impact Everything from Baseball Games to Beaches

Aug 16, 2018

A new study from an environmental group says summer fun, as we know it, is changing. Traditional summer activities, like going to the beach or even catching a ballgame, are now under threat by climate change.

Frank Szollosi works on clean Great Lakes issues for the National Wildlife Federation. He said a new study should cause a sense of urgency.

“Some of our most iconic summer experiences are at risk, if we don’t confront climate change,” he said.

The study said beaches on the West Coast are in danger of being wiped out by rising sea levels. Algae, inflamed by higher temperatures, threatens recreation on Lake Erie. And even Major League Baseball now has standards for storing balls in humidors because of high humidity.

These extreme weather pattern changes also threaten the tourism economy and can lead to higher electric bills, Szollosi said.

The study calls for a reduction in fossil fuel emissions and adopting stronger land and water management practices.