Protesters Swarm Westerville For Democratic Presidential Debate

Oct 15, 2019
Originally published on October 15, 2019 4:05 pm

Reporters are milling around Otterbein University's campus, the site of Tuesday’s debate in Westerville, but the media aren't the only ones gearing up for the event. Protesters have filled the area around the school as well.

Groups supporting Democrats, President Trump, anti-poverty, animal rights, gun rights and more have lined the streets in downtown Westerville.

Then overhead, there’s an aerial banner from the Trump campaign stating “Socialism destroys Ohio jobs. Vote Trump.”

An anti-abortion group is expected to protest in the area around the university, and a march including union members is also planned.

Meanwhile, Otterbein University’s Rike Center, which normally hosts athletic events, has been turned into a debate stage with seating for 1,500 people.

Listen to live coverage of the Democratic debate in Westerville on 89.7 NPR News, streaming online or with the WOSU mobile app starting at 8pm.