Pro-Charter Group Says New Oversight Laws are Making a Difference

Jan 18, 2017

A pro-school choice group says Ohio’s new laws to create oversight and transparency of charter schools are working.  Its study claims that the law is weeding out the bad schools.

The law that overhauled the charter-school accountability in Ohio played a role in closing more than 20 schools. That’s according to a report from the Fordham Institute, a group that advocates for efficient charter schools.

Spotlighted in Fordham’s report was the sponsor evaluation system, which found that 90 percent of the state’s charter schools rank either ineffective or poor.

The group’s Chad Aldis expects those rankings to get better.

“Then it’ll take a while for people to sort of believe it; seeing is believing and it’s going to take some time to change the reputation of Ohio’s charters.”

Aldis adds that the new law was effective in stopping what’s known as sponsor hopping, when a poor performing school loses one sponsor and goes to another.