President Trump Outlines his Infrastructure Plans in Cincinnati Visit

Jun 7, 2017

President Trump is suggesting more infrastructure spending paired with reducing regulations to achieve his infrastructure repair goal.
Credit WXVU

With a coal barge, draped with a large American flag, as a backdrop, President Donald Trump laid out more of his plan to revitalize America's infrastructure in Cincinnati this afternoon.

On the banks of the Ohio River, Trump said the nation's roads, waterways, airports and rail systems are in disrepair.

“Our infrastructure program will be based on forging new partnerships and demanding new accountability for every federal taxpayer dollar. Under this vision, the federal government will drastically reduce burdensome regulations.”

Trump wants to leverage $100 trillion in investment to make improvements. He says $200 billion of that will come from the federal government, with the rest coming from state and local governments and from private sources.

State, local and private dollars would have to match federal dollars. Trump says to speed repairs, the federal government will cut regulations and streamline approval and permitting processes.