Prescription Pricing Bill Wins Broad Support

Sep 29, 2018

A change in federal law to keep consumers from being left in the dark about prescription drug pricing is on President Donald Trump’ desk.  And, he’s expected to sign it.  

Sherrod Brown campaigning, summer 2018

It is rare for Republicans and Democrats to agree in Washington; rarer still for something to pass the Senate unanimously and the House on a voice vote. But this legislation did.

It stops insurance industry middlemen known as prescription benefits managers from writing gag orders into contracts with retailers--gag orders forbidding pharmacists from telling customers about low cost medication options.

Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown was a Senate sponsor. “Health care costs keep going up, going up more dramatically than they should, going up in large part because of the drug price spikes and lack of transparency.  And people don’t really know quite how those prices are determined often times.”

President Trump has already indicated that he supports the legislation.