Precipitation Exacerbates Erosion in Geneva on the Lake

Feb 27, 2020

Geneva-on-the-Lake lost five to six feet of lakefront land Wednesday. Precipitation and high water levels are exacerbating the town’s erosion problems where 45 feet of land had already washed into Lake Erie earlier this month.

Geneva-on-the-Lake and Township Park officials met this week to discuss permit applications to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Those permits would allow for the construction of erosion defenses.

Village Administrator Jeremy Shaffer says they’ve lost a total 50 feet of land at the innermost point, and officials are worried more will fall over the weekend as the rain continues.

“Before there was a few points in the erosion where the land was still intact, now it’s more concave toward the park,” Shaffer said. 

The Board of Trustees for Township Park, which has seen some of the worst erosion, plans to put out bids for the construction work in the next few weeks. Officials say they will continue to monitor the lakefront.