Portman Says Ohio's U.S. Senate Race is Drawing Lots of GOP Interest Now That Mandel Is Out

Jan 9, 2018

Portman says he has received several texts and calls from Republicans interested in entering the race.
Credit WKSU

Republicans inside and outside Ohio are pushing their favorite candidates to jump into the U.S. Senate race to challenge incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown. The field opened when Josh Mandel dropped out

Republican Senator Rob Portman had endorsed the Ohio treasurer.

In a call with reporters, Portman says he’s been hearing from people wanting to jump in. 

“I would assume there would be a lot of people who jump in.  I’m trying to think how many people have called me the last few days. I think its five different people said they might be interested that either texted or called me.  So I think it’ll be a spirited primary.”

Portman says author J.D. Vance is “looking into it“ and gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci is “definitely looking into it.”  A spokesman for Renacci told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the congressman is waiting for President Trump to invite him to run.