Petition to Control Drug Prices for People with HIV and AIDS Hits a Snag

Jan 4, 2016

Secretary of State John Husted's office says there are some problems with the petitions that have been submitted.

The Secretary of State’s office is telling backers of a drug-price ballot issue that there are problems with their petitions. Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has submitted petition signatures to get Ohio lawmakers to take action on a plan that would limit how much drug companies can charge for drugs for people with HIV and AIDS. But Josh Eck with the Secretary of State’s office says those petitions have been returned to county boards of elections for review because of potential problems.

“It appears as though someone other than the circulator or the voter themselves has omitted names and redacted them, which is against Ohio law.”

Eck says there are other discrepancies with the petition pages. The group has until Jan. 29th to re-submit the petitions.