OSU President Hopes Strauss Investigation Will Prevent Future Sexual Abuse

Aug 16, 2018

Ohio State University President Michael Drake hopes the school learns how to prevent future abuse from the investigation into former team doctor Dr. Richard Strauss, who is accused of molesting students.  Federal officials opened their own inquiry into the school’s handling of the scandal.

The gears of the university’s investigation have been turning since April, and now officials at the U.S. Department of Education are launching a Title IX probe of their own.

University President Michael Drake defends the school’s efforts, noting the case spans decades and the incidents happened decades ago. He hopes the investigation helps prevent future abuse.

“One of the things we’ll be most interested in is learning what we can about what the early warning signs might have been 20 years ago and what we might be able to do today that’s better to help protect people better in the future,” he said.

School officials expect to provide an update on the investigation at a trustees meeting at the end of this month.