Ohio's Senators Want More Action on Steel Trade

Apr 12, 2016

Sen. Sherrod Brown urged U.S commerce and trade officials today to bring an illegal trade case against China.
Credit U.S. Senate

Ohio’s U.S. sSenators testified in Washington today on the need for stricter enforcement of trade rules to protect America’s steel industry. Sens. Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown spoke at a U.S. International Trade Commission hearing on the global steel industry. 

Brown says he urged U.S. trade and commerce officials to bring a World Trade Organization case against China for continuing to dump cheap steel in the U.S. And he called for quicker action on all illegal trade cases.

“American workers lose jobs, American companies lose business and sometimes go out of business by the time we can enforce these rules. Second, we don’t have the information we often need because countries are not forthcoming when they are cheating and protecting their own illegally dumped products.”

Brown called for more sanctions on countries that withhold information in trade cases. He also urged U.S. officials to renegotiate the part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that would allow cars imported into the U.S. to contain more than 50 percent of their parts from non-member countries.