Ohio's Largest On-line Charter School, ECOT, Cuts Ties With Its Founder

Jan 18, 2018

This week marked the end of the semester at Ohio’s largest online charter school. But the future of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow remains unclear. The school is offering a plan to the Ohio Department of Education to stay open through the end of the year. 

The ECOT sign.

ECOT has told the Ohio Department of Education it will cut off ties to its founder Bill Lager and suspend payments it makes to Lager’s company Altair Learning Management.

And ECOT confirms it has secured a bond which might help in its appeal to keep its sponsor.

The school is fighting to get its sponsor back and disputing the collection of millions of dollars by the state. And ECOT says it wants to prevent displacing the 12,000 students it claims are enrolled, 2,287 of whom are set to graduate.

The Ohio Department of Education says at this point it’s closely monitoring the interaction between ECOT and its sponsor.