Ohio's Gov. Kasich and Senate Leader Obhof Are At Odds Over Gun Control

Apr 25, 2018

Gov. John Kasich has been urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would put a red-flag law in place to prevent people deemed dangerous by a court from buying guns. It would also ban bump stock attachments for guns and make other reforms. But despite the Republican governor's support, it appears it won’t be easy to get it passed through the GOP-dominated Legislature.

Asked whether he supports Kasich’s gun legislation, Senate President Larry Obhof, was adamant.

“Will all of the governor’s proposal pass as a stand-alone bill? No.”

But Kasich says this bill can pass.

“Bring it up and have a vote on it. We’ll see where the votes are. Let’s see where the majority of the caucus is. I guarantee you, you put this gun safety on the Senate floor, it passes. I have no doubt about it. So we need a vote.”

Kasich says he thinks Obhof’s comments have been misinterpreted.