Ohio Senator Calls Vote on Plan to Address Climate Change 'a Sham'

Mar 28, 2019

There’s been a lot of talk in Washington recently about the Green New Deal, introduced by House Democrats to address climate change. Mitch McConnell forced a vote on it in the Senate this week.

Ohio’s senators responded differently.

Rob Portman joined 56 other republicans in rejecting the Green New Deal, calling it ‘a laundry list of irresponsible promises with a sky-high price tag.’

“It’s kind of all over the board. There are things I like, there are things I don’t like.” :03

That’s Senator Sherrod Brown, who joined 42 Democrats in voting present.

“We all voted present because it’s a sham what Sen. McConnell did. He used the floor time instead of addressing the real issue and having committee hearings and discussion and real debate, he puts this on the floor just because he thought it would divide democrats.”  :15

Brown calls climate change one of the most important moral issues of our time and says it’s disappointing that McConnell, in his nearly  five years as Senate leader, has never brought a climate change proposal to the Senate floor.