Ohio Senate President Weighs in on Gas Tax Increase

Feb 26, 2019

Gov. Mike DeWine’s proposed 18-cent hike in the gas tax is still before state lawmakers. They would have to approve it as part of the transportation budget, which must be signed into law by March 31. The  Republican leader in the Ohio Senate says if that tax goes up, he wants another one to go down.

Senate President Larry Obhof says if lawmakers have to hike the gas tax, it should be paired at some point with a tax cut.

“I think we should do an income tax cut anyway. But I absolutely would support doing an offset.”

Obhof also would like to pare down Ohio’s seven tax brackets by one or two. And he’s not certain that Gov. Mike DeWine’s request to hike the gas tax won’t get altered.

“18 cents is a very generous prediction.”

DeWine proposed the 18 cent hike after a group he appointed recommended an increase in the tax to plug a hole in the budget of the Ohio Department of Transportation. The increase is expected to raise $1.2 billion.