Ohio Senate President Wants Kasich to Get On Board With Trump

Sep 29, 2016

Governor and former presidential hopeful John Kasich has so far refused to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump.

A top Ohio Republican leader who’s supporting Donald Trump says he hopes Gov. John Kasich will change his mind about the GOP presidential nominee.

Senate President Keith Faber, a Celina Republican, campaigned for John Kasich before he was the last candidate to drop out in May. Faber says Trump wasn’t his candidate, but he is his nominee – and he hopes Kasich will see it the same way soon, as Kasich’s former presidential opponent Senator Ted Cruz has.

“He’s my friend, and I think he’s been a darn good governor for Ohio. I wish he would come on board with the Trump campaign.”

Kasich has repeatedly declined to endorse Trump, even as RNC head Reince Preibus called on him to do so or face difficulty running for president in the future.