Ohio Senate President Has Faith in Kasich's Presidential Bid

Feb 23, 2016

Sen. President Keith Faber believes John Kasich can ride the nomination process all the way to the general election, despite calls from some Republicans for Kasich to make way for Marco Rubio.

Ohio Senate President Keith Faber says he doesn’t believe Gov. John Kasich cannot win the presidency, even as a new Quinnipiac Poll shows Kasich would lose to reality TV star and real estate mogul Donald Trump in Ohio if the election were held today.

“I support the governor. I think he would make a great president. I like Marco Rubio as well. In the end, I think Gov. Kasich has a very viable path to being president. Don’t forget that you have to go through the Midwest. And I think Gov. Kasich is doing very well in Michigan. He will certainly do very well in Ohio. He will certainly do very well in the Midwestern states. So I think his campaign strategy is solid.”

Some Republican leaders and pundits are now calling on Kasich to bow out of the race in an effort to help Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.