Ohio Senate Plans to Scale Back Green Energy Standards

Dec 18, 2017

The House passed a similar bill, but that legislation was quashed by Gov. Kasich's veto.

Ohio's state Senate plans to deliver the final blow to what are known as Ohio’s green energy standards. These standards require utilities to get a certain amount of energy from renewable sources. A bill to toss out those requirements could move first thing next year.

Republican Senate President Larry Obhof is resolute that he plans on moving a bill in January that would get rid of the green-energy requirements, though he admits he’d like to see a few changes first.

“The underlying direction that the House was headed in toward scaling back some of the mandates that were put in place about 10 years ago; it's a direction that I think a majority of my caucus supports," he said.

The legislation, which already passed the House, would turn the requirements -- which were bipartisan when they passed -- into voluntary goals. Opponents and environmental advocates say this is scaling back the standards and therefore it’s a repeal.

The General Assembly passed a similar measure last year but that was vetoed by the governor.