Ohio Senate Introduces Amendment to Aid Incoming Seniors in Danger of Not Graduating in 2018

May 22, 2017

Currently, nearly 47,000 incoming high school seniors in Ohio are at risk of not meeting the state's high school graduation requirements.

Next year’s graduating high school seniors must get a good score over seven different final tests or on a college entrance exam, or earn an industry credential. As many as 47,000 high school juniors are potentially on track to fail to meet those standards.

An amendment that may be attached to the budget in the Senate seeks to help those students.

Republican Sen. Peggy Lehner of Kettering says she’s proposing that seniors who can’t meet those standards do two of following: have a 93% attendance rate, get a 2.5 GPA, do a final project, complete 120 hours of community service or work experience with a recommendation, or a college credit plus course. Lehner says lawmakers will be watching for changes in the state test scores.

“Last year was the very first time, and the passage rate was not good. Now that teachers have a chance to maybe better prepare students for it, they’re more comfortable with the format, etc., we’re hoping that we’re going to see those test results increase,” she said.

Lehner says employers were complaining graduates didn’t have basic skills, so the rigor of K-12 education has to be increased.