Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown Kicks Off 'Dignity of Work' Tour

Jan 30, 2019

A lot of people are wondering whether Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown will run for president.

He’s dipping his toe in by visiting several early primary states on what he’s calling a “Dignity of Work” listening tour.

He’s kicking it off at a packaging company in Brunswick tonight and then heading to Iowa for a few days.

The senator says his decision to run won’t necessarily be based on this tour.

“If I don’t run for President, or if I do, I want dignity of work to be the centerpiece of every democratic campaign in the country," he said. "That means I want my colleagues – running for the Senate, running for the House, people running in local places, people running for President -- to be talking about respecting work and honoring work. If you love your country, you fight for the people who make it work.”

Brown expects the extremely cold weather may reduce turnout at some of his events but he does not plan to cancel any of the stops. He’ll head to Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina in the coming weeks.

He plans to announce whether he will run for president in March.