Ohio Sen. Portman Likes Indiana Gov. Mike Pence As Donald Trump's Running Mate

Jul 15, 2016

Ohio Republican Senator, Rob Portman, says Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is a good choice to be Donald Trump's running mate.

Both Portman and Pence served together in the House for several years in the early 2000s.  Speaking in Akron today, Portman says the Congressional experience will be good for the ticket.

“He is very – someone told me the other day – calm.  He’s more low-key than Donald Trump [and] focused on governing.  He’s done a good job in Indiana in terms of making the state more economically viable.  Helping on wages and jobs and that sort of thing.  Which I think is really important; to have somebody who knows how to do that and knows how to work in Washington.”

As for next week’s Republican Convention in Cleveland, Portman says he hopes any protests will remain peaceful.  The senator has several events planned for the week in the city, including with Habitat For Humanity and the Wounded Warriors Project.