Ohio Opioid Medication Information Site Goes On-line

Nov 29, 2017

Ohio has a federal grant of nearly a million dollars to spread the word about new ways to manage prescription pain killers and reduce opioid addiction. The public information project is called Take Charge Ohio, and this month it started rolling out an interactive website. 

Deputy Director Andrea Boxill and Medical Director Dr. Mark Hurst
Credit Tim Rudell / WKSU

The  Take Charge Ohio website offers science-based information on pain medication, pain management, and addiction treatment. And Andrea Boxill of the Governor’s Opioid Action group says it answers practical questions.

“Getting ready to go to the doctor, what kind of questions do I need to ask?  Or, I’m advocating for a grandparent or aunt and uncle, what kind of questions do I need to ask?”

The medical director of Ohio Mental Health & Addiction Services, Dr. Mark Hurst, says the site is interactive and responsive to input.

“There’s a section for prescribers, ones for patients, one for the general public, and it’s not going to be a static website.  This is something that’s going to change over time.”