Ohio Moves to Limit Most Opioid Prescriptions to Seven Days, Five for Children

Mar 30, 2017

Gov. John Kasich is implementing rule changes limiting how medical professionals can prescribe opioids. This plan comes just one day after majority Republicans in the House announced a bill that would accomplish many of the same goals.

Kasich’s plan would enact rule changes to limit opioid prescriptions to a seven-day supply for an adult and a five-day supply for children. He’s adamant these changes are going into effect soon and don’t need legislative approval.

“This is not even a question of proposal. This is it, this is done. It will be enacted and it will be carried out so there’s no proposal here.”

Some GOP lawmakers have proposed a bill that also puts limits on doctors writing prescriptions for painkillers. But unlike that bill, Kasich’s plan allows doctors to continue to prescribe opioids beyond just a few days in cases of cancer, palliative or hospice care. And Kasich’s plan has the support of the state’s leading medical organizations.