Ohio Lawmakers Proposes Further Loosening Concealed Carry Restrictions

Nov 30, 2016

Rep. John Becker wants to give anyone with a gun and a concealed carry license the chance to leave a restricted area before any charges are considered.

As Ohio lawmakers consider passing a bill to downgrade the penalty for illegally carrying a concealed weapon on college campuses, one Ohio lawmaker is hoping to go even further. 

Republican Rep. John Becker says reducing the penalties for carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus is a step in the right direction. But Becker is sponsoring a bill that wouldn’t just reduce penalties for licensed concealed carry holders who take their guns into gun free zones like daycares, bars or college campuses – it would give them the opportunity to escape them entirely.

“If someone is discovered on the premises with a gun, they can ask them to leave and they must leave or they get charged with a crime. They just can’t get charged with a crime immediately. They have to be given the opportunity to leave.”

Becker says he’s talked to legislative leaders about including this provision in the gun bills being considered by lawmakers right now.