Ohio Lawmakers Await Kasich's Decisions on Lame-Duck Legislation

Dec 12, 2016

State lawmakers are back home after spending two weeks passing dozens of bills in the lame-duck session. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports they’re now waiting for Gov. Kasich’s next move and any possible vetoes.

In the early morning hours after a marathon session, Senate President Keith Faber talked about the possibility of Gov. John Kasich vetoing one of the bills passed by the General Assembly.

Faber says while he and Kasich are both Republicans, they don’t have to agree on everything. He notes that earlier this year, the governor struck a measure specifically proposed by Faber.

“I think I’m the first senate president in 30 years to have the governor veto one of their policy initiatives.”

Issues facing potential vetoes include a ban on abortions as little as six weeks into a pregnancy and a measure to stop requiring the increased use of renewable energy.

Faber noted that the House and Senate have not officially adjourned, so voting to override a veto is still a possibility.