Ohio Lake Erie Commission Plan Addresses Toxic Algal Blooms

Feb 13, 2020

A state commission is asking people to comment on its latest plan to protect and restore Lake Erie. 

The first priority area listed in the Ohio Lake Erie Commission’s 2-year plan is reducing nutrient pollution. That’s a type of contamination mostly from farm fertilizer and manure, and it leads to toxic algal blooms.

“What we are trying to do is shrink the size of the algal bloom and ensure that they're not toxic ...," Commission Director Joy Mulinex said. "Some of the bacteria then releases toxins. That's what's making Lake Erie unsafe for people to come into contact with it or drink it.”  

The plan also includes efforts to restore wetland habitats, protect against invasive species, and invest in reuse of dredged sediment. It doesn’t come with any funding attached, but Mulinex says it can help the state’s agencies set strategies and track progress.