Ohio Lagging the Nation in Wage Growth, Labor Market Report Finds

Sep 1, 2019

As productivity continues to grow in Ohio, wages have remained stagnant. That’s among the findings in a new report from Policy Matters Ohio analyzing Ohio’s labor market.

Executive Director Amy Hanauer blames that largely on failures in state and federal government policy.

“Congress has never gone this long without raising the minimum wage since they established the minimum wage 80 years ago and there’s just been a lot of assaults on working peoples’ ability to form a union, and there’s been really weak labor law enforcement.”

Hanauer says this combination of factors means that workers don’t have as much of a say in the workplace.

She’s calling on lawmakers to raise the minimum wage and eliminate the 2017 tax cuts which disproportionately benefit corporations and the wealthiest Americans.

You can read the full report below: