Ohio Governor Candidate Cordray: People Relying on Medicaid Expansion Need Predictability

Aug 1, 2018

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Rich Cordray is doubling down on his support for Medicaid expansion and its economic viability. Cordray, along with Gov. John Kasich's administration, says the program is sustainable and needs to remain consistent.

Cordray says keeping Medicaid expansion is a top priority. He says the program, which covers about 700,000 Ohioans, is already sustainable through Kasich’s system that includes hospital fees and managed care taxes.  

He points out his opponent, Republican gubernatorial nominee Mike DeWine, fought to kill the Affordable Care Act that allowed the expansion. Cordray says, when it comes to health care coverage, the 700,000 Ohioans who depend on the expansion need predictability.

“It’s a peace of mind issue for many families and many people across Ohio,” Cordray said.

DeWine now says he supports Medicaid expansion but argues it’s not sustainable. He proposes measures like work requirements and wellness programs but hasn’t said how much they will save. 

Those programs are already in the works under the Kasich administration.