Ohio Gov. Kasich Touts High-Tech Thinking to the Greater Cleveland Partnership

Sep 7, 2016

Kasich says Ohio's working with artificial-intelligence and information-technology experts.

Gov. John Kasich says manufacturing is still important to Ohio, but high-tech is the future. Kasich was the keynote speaker at  tonight's annual meeting of the Greater Cleveland Partnership, the area’s chamber of commerce. 

Gov. Kasich started off his address by praising Cleveland for recent successes like the Republican National Convention, the Cavalier’s championship and the city’s growth as a tourist and convention destination. He moved on to talking about the entire state. He says he’s working with artificial-intelligence and information- technology experts on ways to help Ohio advance.

“Where’s that going to take us? We’re going to use the turnpike, by the way, for autonomous vehicles. The fiber is there which is an essential part of all this. We’re looking at the use of drones, we are looking at developing more cloud computing, more data centers in our state.”

Kasich praised ground-breaking work being done at the Cleveland Clinic. And he says Ohio’s traditional manufacturing base must be advanced to compete in the 21st century.