Ohio Democrats Propose An Equal Pay Hotline to Combat Gender Pay Gap

Jul 13, 2016

Boyd is calling for a hotline that she says will bring attention to the topic of equal pay between genders.

Women in Ohio are paid 78 percent of what their male counterparts make, according to the American Association of University Women. Democratic state lawmakers want to create a new tool that could help close that wage gap. 

Democratic Rep. Janine Boyd of the Cleveland area wants to pass a bill that creates a toll-free equal pay hotline. Callers could anonymously report an issue and the person on the other end could collect more information to find out if that caller is a victim of wage discrimination.

“It would be a process that’s non-intimidating that’s available to people to report any sort of employment, wage disparities that they encounter,” Boyd said.

Boyd says the hotline has the potential to sway more lawmakers to do something about it.