Ohio Agency Head Joins in Mass Resignation from Trump's Asian-American Advisory Commission

Feb 17, 2017

Asia Services in Action's Michael Byun was among the 10 members quitting the presidential advisory commission over President Trump's executive order.

The head of Akron’s Asia Services in Action is among the 10 members of a presidential advisory committee who abruptly quit this week to protest President Trump’s immigration and other executive orders. 

The mass resignations left only four members on the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders – a commission that’s existed since 1999.

Michael Byun says he signed the letter of protest and resignation because he and the others see an atmosphere of exclusion and division in the Trump Administration.

“When the Trump administration continues to go down this path where they are alienating groups and dividing groups, ... I think that becomes problematic and very dangerous. And our hope is that they will reconsider and move in a direction that is going to help all Americans.”

The commission was set up by President Clinton to provide advice on health, education and social issues in the Asian-American community.

Here's an extended Q&A with Michael Byun: