Ohio ACLU Asks Local Police Departments to Leave Trump Immigration Policies to the Feds

Mar 30, 2017

The ACLU of Ohio sent its letter to police departments in Ohio's ten most populated counties as well as the Buckeye State Sherriff's Association.
Credit ACLU of Ohio

The ACLU of Ohio is asking local sheriffs to leave the enforcement of President Donald Trump’s proposed immigration policies to the federal government.

The organization reached out to the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association and police departments in Ohio’s 10 most populated counties, including Summit and Cuyahoga.

Katrice Williams, who co-signed the letter, says that local police are not experts in immigration law. She says this could lead to the violation of constitutional rights.

“When we are deputizing police officers to enforce their own immigration law, we’re essentially asking them to try to discriminate, and that discrimination could lead to racial profiling. They can begin targeting people just based on their ethnicity, their perceived accents, and then people could unlawfully be jailed or detained.”

The Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association did not return a request for comment.