Nexus Pipeline Construction Damages Main Artery in Green

Jun 19, 2018

The city of Green is hoping to reopen a section of S. Arlington Road by Friday after construction of the Nexus Pipeline caused part of it to collapse.

Green expects the closing of its main artery, Arlington Road, to last through Friday.

City engineer Paul Pickett says a boring machine caused the incident. He says that any underground project might run into problems like this, especially when soil conditions are unknown.

“This is the kind of thing the city encounters when we’re doing utility projects, too. Not unusual. The good thing is the industry has ways of reacting and of course we have way of making sure everything’s safe, and that’s why we had to close the road, even though that’s undesirable.”

Pickett says it is up to the pipeline company to pay for repairs.

Green reached a $7.5 million deal with Nexus earlier this year to allow the pipeline to pass through the city.