New Report Predicts Business Growth in Akron

Mar 20, 2018

The vacancy rate for office space in downtown Akron continues to fall.

A new analysis finds that the coming year could be a bright one for Akron’s office market.

The Cleveland-based investment company JLL released a study this week, looking into Akron’s leasing, sales, construction and employment rates.

Vice President Warren Blazy says the report shows positive growth for the city based on several new projects and initiatives.

“I think the real key here is that, as Andrew mentioned, there’s a lot of vision here and now it’s taking that next step to converting that vision to projects, to new jobs, into growth.”

Andrew Batson is the director of research for JLL. He says the report could help companies already located in Akron and others considering moving there.

“We represent a lot of buildings down there and it’s important to relay those new trends we’re seeing in the market with those institutional investors.”

According to the report, the vacancy rate has steadily decreased in Akron. It’s down almost 2 percent this time from last year.