New Liquid Crystal Institute Director Is a Familiar Face at Kent State

Jul 16, 2019

Following a national search, Kent State’s Liquid Crystal Institute found its new director right on campus.

The university introduced Torsten Hegmann today at an event that included several department heads. Hegmann has been at Kent since 2011 and an assistant director of the institute for the past year.

Kent State President, Todd Diacon, said he expects Hegmann to be a collaborative leader.

Kent State University President Todd Diacon introduces Torsten Hegmann as the new director of Kent State's Liquid Crystal Institute Tuesday.

“When you look at the success that Dr. Hegmann’s had in his own research, that made him one of our strongest candidates," Diacon said. "But it’s really more than just success as a researcher because now we’re asking him to be a leader of an institute. And it’s really these things he talked about that made him the great choice he is.”

Hegmann sees the technology at the institute being used for medical advancement in the future.

At the event, he highlighted a need for creative people and increased funding.

"Researchers are like little children. We need toys. We need toys to play, and we want new toys and always better toys. And they always end up being fairly expensive. So, we need to up our funding efforts in order to get these toys to be competitive,” he said.

Hegmann previously taught in Germany and Canada and said his international experience brings a new perspective to the institute.

He also said he wants to continue to create collaboration between the institute and other departments within the university.