New Laws Aim to Improve Workforce Training

Jan 14, 2020

Gov. Mike DeWine has signed a second workforce-related bill in as many days. This one allows his Office of Workforce Transformation to create a one-stop shop for credentials and certificate programs that can be earned by workers and recognized by employers.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted directs the Office of Workforce Transformation, and says this will help businesses fill open positions and help people find training to get those jobs.

“This helps to make sure that we’re spending those tax dollars wisely on things where Ohioans will get, on credentials and educational curriculum where they will get the skills they need to compete.”

This bipartisan bill was backed by major business groups and was considered a priority for lawmakers. A bill signed yesterday creates the TechCred program, which will spend more than $17 million a year reimbursing businesses to upgrade worker skills and training, and also creates a program to help people who want a credential but don’t have the backing of an employer.