New Governor's Race Campaign Ads Target DeWine

Aug 23, 2018

The same day that Republican Mike DeWine aired his first ad of this fall’s governor’s race, a group of Democratic governors launched their ad against him.

Richard Cordray started his TV ad campaign earlier this month. But this commercial is from the Democratic Governors Association, and it goes after ads from the group’s Republican counterpart.

“Mike DeWine’s special interest allies are making false attacks on Rich Cordray. Because Rich Cordray has spent his life taking on the big banks and drug companies — the very companies funding DeWine,” the ad says.

One of those Republican Governors Association ads has been labeled “mostly false” by Politifact.

It’s unclear how much the Democratic Governors Association, which is a super PAC, has spent on this ad buy. But the ad does mention “dark money” spent in support of Republican candidates. Dark money is raised by groups on both sides and will likely continue to be as this race is expected to set a spending record.